Nationality Australian Height 5″8 or 173cm Playing range 25-33


FF I, Frankenstein CO-STAR Stuart Beattie Lionsgate
FF Silent Man SUPPORT Joseph Russell Space Tourist
SF Thalamos LEAD Samantha Ransom Independent
FF The Darkness LEAD Paul Khory The Gene
SF Queen of the Bees SUPPORT Joseph Russell Dreamwalk Interactive
SF Limited Time Only LEAD Marcus Doherty Independent
SF Obsolete SUPPORT Jay Perry Independent
SF The Ex Wife LEAD Mitchell Dunstan Independent
SF No Longer At This Address SUPPORT Lehmann Smith Independent
MK Clare – Mockumentary LEAD Leo Bi & Alexis Watt Independent
SF The Palace LEAD Marcus Doherty Independent
SF Lady of the Wheel CO-STAR Pheona Donohoe Independent


TV The Housemate LEAD Mollie S ABC
TV The Witches (Pilot) SUPPORT Natassja Lindrea Independent
TV Irvine (Pilot) LEAD
TV Deadline (Pilot) LEAD
TV Worst year of my life FEATURED Pino Amenta ABC
TV The Video Store LEAD


WS Double Date Night SUPPORT Molly Daniels
WS The Wedding Sisters LEAD Gordon Napier
WS Jeff Vs The Left LEAD Joseph Russell
CV Alopecia Education Video LEAD Marcus Doherty


ST The Improvised Movie Melbourne International Comedy Festival show
ST Play Like a Girl Melbourne International Comedy Festival show
IM Improvisation Cast in The Improv Conspiracy mainstage ensemble
ST Oklahoma “Gertie” John Curtin College of the Arts
ST The Snow Queen “Princess” The Graduate Dramatic Society, Dolphin Theatre
University of Western Australia


TAFTA David Cameron 8 week course
TAFTA National Actors Intensive
The Improv Conspiracy Levels 1-4 Harold Format, Remix Format, Movie Format
Brave Studios Troy Mackinder 2 day American Accent Workshop
Melbourne Acting Studio Bruce Alexander – Film and Television course
John Curtin College of the Arts Certificate II of Performance Arts


Vocal Sport Performing
Standard American Accent Archery Comedy Improvisation – Long-form
Various English Accents Swimming
French Tae Kwon Do (Green Belt)
Singing Yoga

Resume of Alexis Watt